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Gay humanists call for legal marriage recognition

LGBT Humanists are calling on MPs to support an amendment to the Marriage Bill to be discussed this Tuesday which would give legal recognition to humanist marriages in England and Wales.

Straight humanist marriages are already legal in Scotland and, when equal marriage is introduced in Scotland, humanist marriages will also be made legal for same-sex couples.

Adam Knowles, Chair of Galha LGBT Humanists, said, ‘Humanists have always been in the vanguard of LGBT rights and humanist celebrants in England and Wales have been conducting same sex weddings for many years. We’re really pleased that LGB religious people will soon have the choice of a legal marriage reflecting their deepest beliefs and we think that we should have the same choice and the same right. LGB non-religious people in Scotland are to be given that right by their Parliament; we are looking forward to our Parliament doing the same for us in England and Wales.’
The amendment has been tabled by the Labour MPs Kate Green, Chris Bryant, and Kelvin Hopkins, the Liberal Democrat MPs Stephen Gilbert, Dr Julian Huppert, and Stephen Williams, and the Conservative Mike Weatherley MP.