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It was pretty much perfect timing. On the Thursday before the start of the long Berlin Pride Weekend, Gordon, the chief editor of Bent, asked me if I would like to do a test and a report of sexual stimulants for you, his readers. Given that you always need a little extra strength to get through a weekend like this one, I readily agreed – and the following day a nice parcel was waiting for me at the reception of the hotel I was staying at.
We all know a lot of stimulants – or at least we’ve heard about them. The most popular – not just in terms of the gay porn industry – are Viagra and injections, and indeed a lot of my colleagues regularly use injections which they inject into the head of their penis before a performance. Personally I think these injections are much too dangerous, and there have been several accidents on film sets because they should only be applied by qualified medical staff – and not by twinky Czech porn models themselves! Suffice it to say that you won’t catch me injecting myself ahead of the next scene – I love my cock and nobody’s ever gonna be sticking needles into it!
On contrast, Viagra represents something completely different. These pills are very popular amongst us adult entertainers, both on set and whilst out on the road doing shows. I’m not ashamed to admit that I use them sometimes when it’s very stressful or when a little “extra support”. The positive thing about these little blue helpers is that you can split them into halves and can take smaller doses as and when required – in most cases half a pill is more than enough. On the downside, however, they can make you sweat and this does have the potential of giving you a red face – which can look stupid in respect of photo shoots. In addition, it delays the cumshot, which can result in extra waiting times and the need for additional hand-jobs on set – though in the context of time spent in private at home such factors can again be rather positive.
In addition to these little “official” blue pills there are also a vast array of additional medical products available everywhere. We tested “Dorovit” and “Viapro” (both available on during a live show at the Apollo Splash Club Sauna in Berlin, but our results were inconclusive. We all recognized a positive effect on blood circulation and felt generally uplifted, but we didn’t get the kind of erections that you get with Viagra or from using injections. Overall I think these products work best when you’re already in a hot, sexual mood and actually believe that the stimulants will have an effect – in those circumstances these other pills can definitely be an additional aid to having fun.
A further tip of mine is oysters. I definitely believe in their aphrodisiac effect and always have a very special, horny feeling after eating 5 or 10 of the shellfish – though admittedly they upset my boyfriend, who has to rush to use the toilet after just one of them!
Overall it’s a pretty simple truth that an erection is nothing that you can force – after all, we’re all human beings, not machines! Ultimately, the best way to get a good hard-on is to find yourself a nice, sexy partner, relax, take your time and enjoy. In this case your cock will never disappoint. Have fun!
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