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Johan’s Blog – Sex over the phone



In an earlier blog I explained that some of my friends work in the phone-sex business. As such, it probably comes as no great surprise when I tell you that I’ve tried it myself – after all, there’s always a need for some extra cash in my pocket!


There are two different kinds of phone-sex operations – the ones  that offer their service via web-cams on the internet, and those that just use the phone – and both can be undertaken from either your own home or an office.


Anyway, I’ve chosen a video online service that you can operate from your own home. To be honest you really have to pay attention to the kind of operator you’re working for – just in case it’s crossed your mind that this might be your cup of tea, too. The sad thing is that there are lots of idiots and thieves around, so you have to be mindful of who you’re dealing with. How do they pay? By cheque (which can be quite expensive to cash) or by bank transfer? How much do they pay per minute? Do they impose any transfer or software service charges? How do they promote you on their site? Is there a minimum number of hours you have to be online? And so forth and so on …


You’ll get paid per minute, so it’s not only essential to have as many chats as possible but also to extend them as long as you can. In addition, you get extra bonuses for any minutes that you spend with a customer in a private chat. These private chats are strictly one-to-one, and – once your customer has confirmed that he’s of legal age and not working for the police or any of the authorities – it’s here that you can become more intimate and explicit.


You’ve probably figured it out already – the trick is to attract and find customers on the homepage, then get them as horny as possible so that they’re willing to go with you into a personal chat. Here you have to spend as long as possible with them to finish them off – very, very slowly, of course!


As you know, I don’t do escorting at all. I want to select my sex partners myself so it’s just not my sort of thing. Indeed, I’d never allow anyone to even touch me – let alone have sex with me – who I didn’t like. So, I thought this phone/video chat lark would be ideal for me – plus lots of fun and easy money. But it turns out I was totally wrong. Indeed, in many respects it’s actually quite hard work!


On the positive side, I don’t have to feel, touch or smell the other guy, and in an emergency you can just press a button and switch him off. What’s more, you can do all this from the convenience of your own apartment. For me, this sounded perfect.


What I quickly learned is that chatting with people you’ve never seen before and who you don’t know anything about can be really quite stressful. What’s more, I didn’t quite realise that there were so many wierdos and idiots out there – all BENT readers excused, of course! I know for a fact that the BENT readership is highly cultivated, with a high degree of conversational skills – and I say that just in case any of you ever use one of these sex chats!


Well, I did this job for just a few weeks – during which time I lost count of the amount of guys who’d say “Hey, are you the porn star? Take your cock out and make it hard NOW!” All too often it was the very first sentence in the chat! What’s more, people regularly became really aggressive and abusive. Of course, I tried to delay my “activities” as long as I could, but people wanted to see my hard cock and cum-shots within the very first minute. But that, of course, is not how the game is played. What’s more, cum-shots aren’t something you can do every ten minutes. Indeed, only a really long chat ever warranted being concluded with one.


And then, of course, there are the customers who have special requests. I have been asked to wear nappies – where the hell would I get nappies to fit me from?! I’ve been told to film myself whilst I do housecleaning in the nude – I hate cleaning! I’ve been instructed to cum on my beloved Adidas superstar trainers – courtesy of a German with a crazy fetish, of course. Plus, I’ve been requested to piss in my underwear, to shave off all my pubes and to put all kinds of things into my orifices!


To be honest, I think these chats are worse and more extreme than anything I’ve done before in porn. Well, almost … I’m just thinking about a film that we’ve just done involving a (formerly) innocent guy, his cute ass, two baseballs and a baseball bat, which will be released in August.


Needless to say, I quit the job quite quickly – besides, having made a few bucks it just wasn’t worth suffering all the stupid chats and the crazy people all day long. Indeed, I still prefer a proper talk with the people that I meet in the streets or at pubs and clubs. Even if I’m not paid for it, these kind of “real” experiences are much more fun!


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