How many sex partners is too many?


Is it true that as far as gay men and sex goes it’s a case of ‘any time, any place, anybody?’ Although gay men often have the reputation of having sex with more people than our heterosexual brothers, do we actually have as many sexual partners as people think we do? Does having lots of sexual partners make you happy or unhappy? And what impact does having lots of sexual partners have on your sexual health?

The latest issue of FS magazine examines these issues in a perceptive article by Simon Gage. “If you’re happy slagging your arse around town and are keeping it safe, with condoms and lashings of lube, then we raise our glasses to you,” he writes. “But do you ever wonder if this ‘next, next, next’ style of sex-life you’ve created for yourself is really what you want? Or is it a symptom of something wrong with your life?”

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