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Jonny “The Gay Pimp” McGovern’s career began in 2003 with DIRTY GAY HITS, a collection of hilarious gay themed songs including “Soccer Practice” and “Lookin’Cute/Feelin’ Cute”. But it was the internet release of the “Soccer Practice” music video that made Jonny an international phenomenon. The video introduced the world to the colourful antics of Jonny “The Gay Pimp” McGovern and his queer posse, dubbed “Team Pimp”. The music video received over three million downloads and was added to the rotation on MTV Europe and MTV Asia. Now he has a new album, The Gayest of All Time and he wants it to go global.

“When creating the album, especially the title track, I imagined what it would be like if, as the lyrics say, ‘every single gay in all the world got together for a day on the biggest, gayest dance floor’,” explained Jonny from his home in Los Angeles. “One day where we all cast aside our differences, shined rainbow bright and revelled in the glory of our gayness. I wanted the CD to embody that.”

His songs are known for their ‘adult’ content but he seems pleased to have at least one track that doesn’t mention any kind of fornication.

“I came up with #TOTDF aka “Texting On The Dancefloor” standing in the middle of a dance floor in LA,” he explains about the song he co-wrote with producer Markaholic, while Billy Butler directed the music video. “Looking around, I saw all these guys rockin’ to the music while texting on their phones! It made me think how people will gather in big groups but spend time on their phones reading a blog, checkin’ out their Grindr, tweeting and tagging people they are with on Facebook. #TOTDF celebrates all that and also mocks the insanity of it.”

Jonny admits to loving his phone and computer as much as the next guy. “But long gone are the days we can pretend we weren’t home to get a call or email ‘cause every message is sent right to the phone in our pockets.” The same is true for hooking up. “The constant availability of sexy gentleman is certainly convenient but it’s taken a toll on gay nightlife. People used to have to go out to meet people. Now you can order dick right up to yer front door and never have to actually go out and talk to anyone.”