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Bent Fiction – Footsteps by G Alexander


 I heard the footsteps behind me and started to run. I remembered my car wasn’t parked too far away so I hoped I could reach it before whoever was following me caught up. The warm late-night air didn’t help the chilled river of fear that had suddenly replaced my blood. I was apprehensive, my hearing attuned to other night sounds… like the distant late traffic as it headed out of the city centre. Should I try to get to my car or try to find a more populated area for safety? That moment of indecision left me temporarily confused. I looked behind me briefly and saw two figures rushing forwards. My senses, or was it my panic, were peaking as I decided which way my flight would take me. The street was dark and deserted and in that anxious moment my bearings, as to where exactly my car was, eluded me. The chill in my veins was replaced by ice as my feet pushed me forward in my attempt to elude the two shadowy outlines. I was terrified and found myself running down a street I had hoped would lead me onto the main road but it was a dead-end … I had no escape. The two hunters saw my problem and spread themselves out to cut off any attempt at flight by their cornered pray. Slowly they approached. My heart was racing as I looked around for help; something to grab, someone to call out to… anyone or anything that might change the odds. Despite my body frozen in fear, sweat was seeping from every pore as I shouted for help. My words echoed in the night air but gained no response as my pursuers advanced the last few feet. As I reached for my mobile a quick swipe from one of my assailants sent it crashing to the ground. Strong determined hands pushed me into a doorway, whilst others tugged at my jeans. I tried to resist but a heavy fist to my kidney stopped my protest as I doubled over in pain. My hair was grabbed and I was facing one of my attackers as he waved his cruel, threatening fist in my face. Hurt, afraid and sobbing, my pants were finally ripped away leaving me naked below the waist and very vulnerable. My whimpering and pleas fell on deaf ears as I was firmly shoved over a low railing.  I cried out as my legs were forcefully kicked apart and a threatening voice told me to “Shut the fuck up”, followed by an angry stream of expletives and menacing warnings. Exposed, vulnerable and shit-scared I was at the mercy of two cruel figures that seemed intent on using me as their latest “bitch”. Between frighteningly hostile verbal abuse and physical threats, they used my body for their own perverted amusement. For what seemed like a lifetime my body was not my own, belonging only to the vicious sexual desires of my two assailants who took it in turns to relieve their anger, frustration and pent up sex drive. My mouth bruised and battered, my arse even worse and a pounding headache all added to my feelings of worthlessness. How could I let someone else do this to me? Why had I not fought harder or struggled more… or… or… or…? Their ecstatic moans of sexual relief, demented pleasure and total domination echoed in my head as they pumped me full of their spunk.  I hated myself for being so feeble… so… pathetic… I felt useless and violated.


After…as they zipped up one of them moved forward and I closed my eyes and flinched anticipating a final violent punch. It never connected but I did feel something pushed into my shirt pocket. Finally, left in a shaking, weeping pile on the ground and feeling like a worthless piece of shit they departed leaving me racked and wasted in the doorway of some desolate building. Tear streaked, I waited until I was sure they had disappeared before daring to move… and wondered how I was going to find my car wandering the streets bare-assed. As I sat shivering in the aftermath of the assault I desperately tried to make some sense of what had happened. Why me? What had I done? Why….? A thought suddenly struck me and I fished in my shirt pocket for what I hoped would be an explanation… thankfully I found the card.

Email to William: This particular ‘fantasy firm’ delivered over and above the promised experience. I thought my two attackers had done a fantastic job; enough menace, surprise and violence to upset me but not enough to leave any permanent marks. It had been so long since I booked this ordeal I actually didn’t know who was attacking me. The sex had been scary, urgent and intense – the guys well-blessed in the ‘dimensions’ department and with a fearsome threatening vocabulary that had made me feel like I was a not a victim but a “…dirty little whore who was begging for it.” They were superb in every area and that was just what I’d been looking for. A couple of these little ‘adventures’ I’d organised for myself in the past had not been quite as fulfilling or surprising but this time…!!!

Yes, William, I can highly recommend this firm. I’ll use ‘XSive Fantasy UK’ again sometime in the future and, just like this time, I’ll leave everything up to them so I will have no idea what to expect… or when.


After I’d sent off the email to my friend William I tentatively touched my sore bum and smiled to myself. Christ, they had been thorough, intense and … disturbingly chilling. They had tapped into my own psyche, found my secret weaknesses, deficiencies and desires… and exploited them, and therefore me, to absolute perfection. I would have many happy nights recreating the scene; my terror and the unbelievable sex.