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Bent Fiction – Interrupted

By Raj Singh

This happened over the recent festive period. I was at my boyfriend’s place getting down to it on the sofa while watching a horny porn DVD. We’d already filled ourselves with the festive spirit as a couple of bottles of wine were empty and we’d started on a third. It was our first Christmas together so we were really excited about being with each other and in all truth, we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves, especially as finally, after all the family responsibilities and time with friends, we were alone. We’d enjoyed all the preliminaries, you know, kissing, cuddling, sucking and had come to the conclusion it would all be so much better if we got completely naked. We had also decided, in a moment of festive high jinxs, to do whatever the guys on screen were doing, so my jeans and new D&G undies (a present from him) where lying in a heap at the bottom of the flashing Christmas tree. The coloured lights and TV screen being the only illumination in the place made it all very sexy. My boyfriend Mark has an incredible body and I just love to see him in the buff. I’d had him all but naked fairly early on as I had been dribbling rivulets of my wine over various parts of his firm body then slurping it off… much to his enjoyment. The man is an absolute God. Blonde, blue-eyed and 6 feet of sporting perfection… almost the opposite of me. I’m dark; dark hair, dark eyes but he seems to like that difference… I know I do. He plays all manner of sports and that’s how I met him a couple of months ago when I joined the pub team he plays footy for. We hit it off straight away and I fell, like a sad teenage girl lusting after Justin Beiber, for this hunk in his well fitting shorts. He’s just so bloody horny…I even get a stiffy when I think I’m gonna meet him, so when we do get it together, which hasn’t been that often enough for me, I go a bit crazy. This was going to be my real Christmas present, total and unashamed wild sex. He was going to get the thing we’d never tried before, which was, for the first time, I was going to let him shag me senseless.

Even though we’d done loads of everything else in the short time we’d been together, we’d never done that. We’d come close on a couple of occasions but the actual deed, we hadn’t gone that far. I know I was very nervous about losing my virginity, and not knowing what it would be like had made me, up until that night, reticent about ‘going all the way’.  However, that night I was ready, I was mellow, perhaps just a bit drunk, and it had been on my mind all through that Christmas festivities. I wanted it to happen and I wanted it to be Mark, my hero and the sexiest man alive, to do me the honour. We were both as hard as nails in anticipation and his cock was thicker than mine and looked fantastic and scary at the same time. My lips had done the preliminary warm up and now we were both about as ready as we’d ever be. So, there we were, both naked in the living room. He had me strategically bent over the sofa, had lubed up my tight, but desperate, bum hole and had slipped on the condom ready for a long deep and ferocious session. He’d just shoved his cock up my ass when his flat mate walked in with a bunch of his mates and caught us naked and me screaming like a banshee on pain and ecstasy. I was shocked by the quick way his dick had penetrated my slicked butthole but there appeared to be more shock on the faces of the guys looking at us. The poor surprised guy in the doorway hadn’t know his flat mate was gay so his mouth hung open and he babbled some words. Whether they were of anger, incredulity or apology we didn’t wait to find out. Giggling like kids, he pulled out, grabbed a few of our clothes, said sorry and legged it to his bedroom. Our dicks were still as hard as ever as they both waved at the assembled guys before we rushed past them and up the stairs to the sanctuary of his bedroom. It seemed to turn my boyfriend on because once on the bed he couldn’t wait and quickly re-entered and screwed me for all he was worth. It was in ecstasy and pain at the same time but I loved Mark taking me after all this time. I’m sure I screamed and moaned but once he was inside all I wanted him to do was make love to me… no matter what the cost. We went at it hard to begin with before slowing down and taking our time over the second and third orgasms of the night. I was surprised at how soon the pain passed and I could enjoy the sexual thrill of my hunk of a man filling me with his Christmas present. One thing for certain, I’ll never forget that first time.