Steps into a dream

Steps were the Pop Sensation of the Millennium. The five-piece have sold 20 million records, and achieved 14 consecutive Top 5 singles. They have won countless awards and had sell out tour after sell out tour all over the globe. The group, made up of members; Faye Tozer, Ian “H” Watkins, Lisa Scott-Lee, Lee Latchford Evans and Claire Richards all attended an audition through The Stage newspaper in 1997, the five starlets instantly formed a musical connection and the rest as they say… is history. With their 2012 reunion tour about to get under way, we sent Ryan Houston to meet Lee and Ian to find out more about this unexpected resurgence in the public consciousness.

Lee: It has been 10 years since the split and we heard that Sony records were going to put out an Ultimate Collection cd of our greatest hits, on top of that we were approached about doing our own TV Documentary so we decided this would be a nice way to close the door on our past, resurrect our friendships and give something back to the fans.

Ian: This has turned into something that we never expected! We all agreed to support the Ultimate collection, then came the TV Series and now we have nearly sold out 20 Arenas!

How do you feel about the response from the public?

Lee: The response has been phenomenal. We never expected the reaction that we got and what has happened since has not only shocked ourselves but also the Industry.

Ian: So overwhelmed! This was supposed to be more like a ‘school reunion’ not a NO.1 album & full blown tour ! It feels amazing that there is so much love out there for STEPS after all this time…

After the tour is there a plan for a complete come back?

Lee: We are touring the Ultimate Collection and giving the fans what they want with a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The tour will be full of all our hits and a couple of surprise elements thrown in. There is talk of some new material and it would be great to get back in the studio and create a modern day STEPS with all the new technology and production of today but we would not want to rush the process. So, for now,  we are purely concentrating on doing a fantastic tour.

Ian: Let’s take it slowly! We have been offered record deals already but I would just like to enjoy this without any pressure.  Let’s see if the fans want new music , then we can decide! The idea excites me though.

Do you think the success of the tour is based on the anniversary of the band forming?

Ian: I think that the fact we first formed ten years ago and now ten years later we are re-forming does have a certain effect on the fans. I don’t think that is the only reason though and I do believe our fans are still holding out a flame for our full-time return… but we shall see!