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Gay Self-Acceptance Film Produced With The Help Of Internet Fans

An independent gay short film raising awareness of the importance of self-acceptance, is the first of its kind in the UK to use online fans to get produced.

Social media followers from around the world interacted with costume decisions, narrative choices and even watched Adam; The Gay Short Film Project being shot live via Ustream.

The film mocks up a futuristic advert for a customisable robot and uses the mechanical metaphor to say we should never seek to control, suppress or silence a person, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. We are not robots.

“I wanted to shoot something engaging, with a universal message about self-acceptance and homophobia,” said filmmaker Mike Buonaiuto. “New’s reports of homophobic abuse and the devastating effects it has on families are becoming ever too common. I hope the film will inspire young people struggling with accepting their sexuality due to bullying or fear to find confidence within themselves. We are not machines, we are human and we cannot be controlled, suppressed or silenced.”


Film Link: Vimeo