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Saunas – My First Time

I’ve really enjoyed reading other people’s experiences of their first time at a sauna and thought I’d add my own contribution.

I was in Hull a while ago, I’d missed my ferry to Rotterdam and I needed to kill several hours but didn’t feel like booking in at a hotel. I’d often thought about using a sauna but never really got around to it before and I thought this was the perfect excuse. I paid my money and stripped off. Collecting a towel I headed for the welcoming heat of the sauna but when I opened the door there was only an older guy there who seemed to be fast asleep but, he was naked and had a huge hard-on. Now I’m not into older guys and I wasn’t looking to link up but my curiosity got the better of me and I went in and sat down. I was transfixed as his cock kept throbbing and leaping but other than that, there seemed to be no other sign of life. After about 10 minutes, he suddenly opened his eyes and said: “For fuck sake stop looking and get sucking.” He took me by surprise but he seemed so authoritive about it that I did as I was told. I knelt on the floor as he fed his cock down my throat and held my head to guide me. He was actually very gentle and encouraging as he slowly shagged my face. My knees were hurting by the time he came and I was pleased to get some relief in the Jacuzzi where a couple of guys were chatting and seemed to be having ‘fun’. They included me in their activities and I was eventually escorted to a private little dark room with porn playing on a TV screen. Both guys took their cue from what was on the screen and I had the most amazing afternoon. I now make sure that I arrive early at the port when I’m delivering in Europe so I can have some extra time at the sauna.

Malcolm, Sunderland