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Revered for her crass in-your-face style and taboo-busting material, Margaret Cho is one of the most prolific and critically acclaimed comedians in America… and she’s here for a few shows in October.


Last year San Francisco born Cho did an extensive nationwide US tour. The lyrics on the album, which tackle issues of sex, drugs, rock & roll – and lice is 100% laugh-inducing. After “My Puss,” a hilarious rap parody Cho recorded impromptu-style with friends, became a surprise YouTube hit, Cho began to integrate more comedy music into her live stand-up shows.


When Margaret raced toward adulthood to escape bullying, she began writing jokes for stand up at 14 and professionally performing at age 16. Getting picked on, and feeling disenfranchised, is a subject that’s very near to Margaret’s heart. She has become a sort of “Patron Saint” for Outsiders, speaking for them when they are not able to speak for themselves. “Being bullied influenced my adult life because I grew up too fast. I was in such a hurry to escape that I cheated myself out of a childhood. I didn’t want to go to school any more, didn’t want to be around those people any more. I want to use what happened to me to help other kids.”

Being part Korean and part American makes Choo pretty unique in the world of comedy and it’s this uniqueness that makes her so damn funny.


LONDON – LEICESTER SQ THEATRE -13th,14th,15th,17&18th October -7.30pm

BRIGHTON COMEDY FESTIVAL – Brighton Dome – 16th October – 8pm


The DVD ‘Beautiful’ starring Margaret Cho is available from 10th October