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Shooting first thing in the morning!

First of all, a great big thank you for all the kind messages that you’ve sent me via Gordon, the chief editor of BENT magazine. He forwards them to me every month.

Some people who write want to book me for shows, others ask for an autograph or send me their photos for our porn castings; but whatever the subject, I always make the effort to answer every single letter. Most of you, however, want to know more about actually filming porn, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you some brief details and gossip about how we shoot a sexy porn movie at our STAXUS studios.

It all begins with a meeting the afternoon and evening before the actual filming. We have a light dinner – often a barbecue – and perhaps enjoy a few drinks together, which helps us all get to know each other and gives us the chance to discuss the scenes and pairings for the following day.

Of course, to help get us to know each other even better we eventually head with our forthcoming partners to our private rooms. This gives us the chance to sit, chat, kiss, cuddle and wank with each other a bit – though, of course, without coming, since we have to save ourselves for the shoot the following day! In short, you just try to find out more about the guy you’ve been teamed up with, including any special fetishes or erotic body parts he has. After all, this makes it much, much easier to have an intimate, erotic encounter in front of the camera the next day.
After that, you go to bed early and try to sleep – keeping your hands above the blankets, of course!

The following morning you start with a very light breakfast – a coffee, juice or smoothie, plus maybe a little bit of toast. We try not to eat much because everything we eat will show in our stomachs. After all, the flattest stomach with a great six-pack is always the one that’s the emptiest! And then the filming starts!

You take a shower – the bottoms taking extra care to clean and douche themselves – and then a make-up assistant takes care of any unsightly pubic hairs. Meantime, the other models spend the time relaxing in their rooms, playing cards or billiards, and waiting for their turn to be called onto the set by the director. When I say “set”, of course, I’m basically referring to a bed, couch or table – something that you can fuck a cute guy on, and which varies depending on the “storyline”. And of course what we wear also depends on the theme – smelly skater shoes (for the obvious German skater-style movies), khaki military clothes, scally-style trackies … or (where the director has simply run out of ideas) our own stuff!

I know an old (cheap) farm in the north of the Czech Republic which has hosted in excess of over 150 different productions. Here we’ve shot military abuse, skater material, medical action – but never (ironically) anything to do with a farm! Everything depends on the background, and a cheap olive tarpaulin quickly provides you with a military backdrop. But hey, it’s a porn movie at the end of the day, not a multi-million Hollywood blockbuster!

When I first started out in my porn career I had to shoot my scenes with a lot of straight men – guys who were so-called “Gay For Pay”. In those days, after all, gays were not as open in the Czech Republic as they are today. In recent times, however, more and more gay lads have started to do porn – in fact, it’s almost become a kind of fashion to have shot a few movies and to show them around. In addition, porn and homosexuality have become more widely accepted in our country now. Indeed, you could say that the two biggest Czech exports are beer and porn!

A lot of the models in gay porn only ever do one or two movies, using them to help boost their escort career. After all, a porn appearance – even one that’s little more than a shabby scene in a poor backdoor production – helps promote them as a “porn star” in their escort profile. The truth is that they get more money as an escort who has done porn because lots of clients will pay more to shag someone who they’ve seen on a DVD. In fact, I know one guy who regularly goes to Zurich once a month for five days, where he has around half a dozen clients per day who each pay him approximately €200/hour. As a result, he makes over €7000 in less than a week! And he’s not the only one earning money like this. All that said, the job isn’t really my cup of tea – though I wouldn’t complain about getting that sort of money for one week’s porn shoot!

In the 70s and 80s ‘fluffers’ were used. Guys who would help the actor keep his erection with an obliging blowjob. Nowadays, however, we have Viagra and injections, which are both cheaper than a fluffer and much more efficient. Porn actors use Viagra quite regularly – even boys like me who are very easily aroused and who can get a hard knob on demand within just a few seconds. For us, it’s something of a psychological thing. Before shooting I take a half or a quarter of a tablet, then I say to myself: “I’ve had a Viagra now, so everything will be 150% fine!” As a result, I don’t have to worry about the minimal risk of not getting an erection for some reason, and can instead concentrate fully on the scene ahead and on my partner. The one drawback, however, is that Viagra can delay the cumshot, so taking a whole pill can result in having to perform a tough hand-job at the end for a proper finish. And let’s face it, nothing is more annoying than having to wait for your partner to have his final cumshot! Except, arguably, having your partner complain that your cock is too big – that’s possibly even worse. Not that my cock is too big, mind – it’s rather a case of his ass being too small or simply not trained enough! Like this American director I once worked for said to me: Even the biggest cock fits into the small ass! It’s just about the bottom adopting the right mantra and breathing.

A few guys use cover jets and injections instead of Viagra, which are even more efficient and which work within a few seconds; but to be honest, I personally find the idea of injecting into your own cock quite disgusting. Besides, it can also be quite dangerous, resulting in damage to some important physical functions. I’m quite sure that no-one who sees porn as his career would ever use this course of action because they’d care too much about their body and their overall health. After all, a nice, big, perfectly working cock is their greatest asset – and the very reason why they’re booked!

I hope I’ve given you some interesting insights into our daily porn routine. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via if you’d like any more information, autographs, etc.
If you’re in a mind to book me and/or our STAXUS models for a show at your club or at a private event then please check or contact Carsten via