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Men At Work

By Alex Wiggan
For some guys its police men. For others its fire fighters. No matter what your choice of hunky hero you’ve got to admit there’s something irresistible about a sexy man in uniform.

For the chaps who risk their lives to protect others on a daily basis, it probably comes as little comfort that they’re being lusted over by us mere mortals, but what’s a fella to do when a hunk with a hose pipe starts doing good deeds left right and centre? There they are rushing into burning buildings or arresting bad boys and the one thing that remains constant is that God damn uniform, showing off all those bulging biceps and that all important gluteus maximus. Oh and let’s not even get started on what happens when you throw in a truncheon and whistle or spurting pipe or steely helmet! Men in uniform command power, but not because they have the ability to right wrongs and save lives, but because no one can say no to a chiselled chap in a form fitting outfit. Yes buttons and zips can often prove problematic when getting down to business, but for some of us part of the fantasy of bagging one of these guys is helping him take off his clothes in order to get a good look at the body inside. However as we all know in the real world (a place many choose not to visit too often) men in uniform are usually too busy to stop and flirt with a guy; well they do have jobs to do after all.