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With all the media full of news that Wayne Rooney and a host of other celebs have taken to getting various procedures to hide their baldness (or receding hairline if the word bald makes you uncomfortable), there’s a new, cutting-edge solution for that problem that is taking the male grooming market by storm.

Micro Hair Technique®, also known as MHT®, is the newest technology in male grooming, which provides an on-trend, sharp and no-fuss style to restore male confidence and style. The ground-breaking scalp pigmentation technique creates a natural looking simulation of micro hairs on the scalp, creating the appearance of the short cropped hair style as worn by the likes of Vin Diesel, Wentworth Miller and Jason Statham. MHT® is ideal for disguising early signs of hair loss, camouflaging male pattern baldness, any form of alopecia, thinning and receding hair lines. For those who are suffering from complete hair loss, MHT® can be applied to the whole scalp. Furthermore, the MHT® technique is hassle-free, low maintenance and looks great! It involves no surgery, no scarring, no hair pieces and no down-time after the procedure, plus HIS Hair Clinic can customise the pigment to suit the individual’s scalp and overall appearance.

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