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The Primrose Hill Ladies Club

The Primrose Hill Ladies Club is no place for ladies! It’s a boarding house and school for men – real men – who are compelled, for different reasons, to escape routine as well as their wives and family to live as women for a day or two, every now and again. Set in north London in 1968 and based on a real-life madam, Frau Mili Herschel, a Jewish émigré from Berlin, caters to the quirkiness of a diverse collection of clients from senior politicians, lords, judges, army and police officers, the odd rabbi to even the occasional bishop or two.

A play about a woman who the press once labelled, “The most shocking woman in Britain”.

The Courtyard Theatre, Bowling Green Lane, 40 Pitfield Street, London, N1 6EU

Dates: 3 May – 4 June Box Office: 0844 477 1000