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Good news for the older guy

Social network ManCentral recently polled over 3,000 of its members to find out how much younger or older they were all willing to go when they were looking to go on a date or finding Mr.Right or Mr.Tonight!

A lot of gays have strict rules about the kind of guys they date. Are most guys comfortable dating men that are 5, 10 or even 20 years younger or older than them? Or would we all just rather date someone our own age? Let’s have a look, the results could surprise you!

How much older are most guys willing to go when looking for a boyfriend, fuck buddy, sugar daddy etc… and the options were:

A) 10 years or more

B) 5 years is enough

C) I like them when they’ve got one foot in the grave

D) A couple of years older and

E) I ONLY date guys my age.

Most were quite open-minded when it came to dating older guys as a whopping 39% said they would not have a problem dating a guy that is 10 years older than they are. 33% said they would date a guy only 5 years older.  17% said they would date someone that was a couple of years older. So all in all 89% of you said that you would date someone older. It’s good to see that we are keeping our options open!

6% of the members asked date guys who are their age ONLY. Surprisingly 5% of you said you would date a guy that has got “one foot in the grave.” We knew it! There is a little bit of Anna Nicole Smith in some of you!