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There is no room for prejudice

With over 64,000 children in the care system in England and adoption levels reaching a new low, Barnardo’s says there is ‘no room’ for discrimination when it comes to potential adopters.

Adding to recent concerns that race is acting as a barrier to adoptions in the UK, a poll commissioned by the children’s charity shows that more than one third (32%) of the public do not think gay couples can parent as well as heterosexual couples.

Only 3.75% (120/3200) of children adopted in England in 2010 were adopted by same sex couples, yet children are still desperately waiting to be adopted with a quarter of those with adoption plans never finding a family.

New Barnardo’s chief executive Anne Marie Carrie says: “Society’s attitude plays a pivotal role in discouraging people from considering adoption. The idea that gay parents are second best must be challenged. To suggest that a same sex couple is not as able to raise a child as a heterosexual couple is at once absurd and unsubstantiated. To continue to discourage potential adopters simply because of their sexual orientation is severely diminishing the chances of securing loving, stable homes for the children who are waiting. This debate needs to be urgently raised and myths surrounding how sexuality, race, marital status and gender can affect your parenting dispelled.”

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