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The Boy is back

I suppose in many ways Boy George has never been away. He may not have had a hit record in the last umpteen years but he’s still never been far from the headlines.
Recently he told Gaydar Radio that he might be planning on reforming his old band Culture Club. He said: “Next year would be our 30-year anniversary and I just think it’s a great opportunity to do something really fun and we’re going to do a mental show.” He went on to say: “The drag’s back and the stuff that influenced me from the ’70s. All of that. We’re going to out-GaGa GaGa.”

Meanwhile, as he approaches his 50th birthday, in an interview with The Observer he was asked if he was still shocked to be so well-loved after the many ups and downs of his lengthy career.

“I know that there are some people who don’t like me and that kind of surprises me more than the people who love me,” he said. “I mean, I don’t dislike anybody, really. Sometimes my friends are so judgemental and critical and I’m just grateful I’m not in that space.” Asked if he was always so easy-going, George admitted: “No! No, I was awful, the worst. I kept reading all these nasty things I’d said about people. If you’re concentrating on someone else’s drama then you ain’t got to deal with yours.”