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Story: And the award Goes to…

By Les Lea

I could feel the occasion was something special. The atmosphere and excitement in the auditorium was electrifying and it imbued everything with a dizzying exhilaration.
Ever since I was cast I knew I was destined for greatness. Every person I came into contact with had said how special I was, how before too long I would be on the front cover of every newspaper, magazine and leading the TV news. I loved the attention. People were awestruck by my very presence. Their attention made me feel proud and confident, sparkle and gleam, not only with an exterior brightness but I knew deep, deep down that every molecule of my body was made so I would be the centre of attention.

My brothers, cast at the same time, also new what was expected of them. We were not ordinary, we were exceptional and the nearer it got to the ceremony, the more our faithful helpers polished our PR… ready for the big day.

My brother knew he was destined to be accompanying the leading lady home, while my other sibling felt destined to know the exhilaration of being with the best newcomer and I, for my part, revelled in the idea of being the best actor in a leading role.

“…and the award goes to…” this was the moment I’d been born for. The moment when all my hopes and ambitions came together. I was already taut with anticipation but at the announcement my body reverberated in sheer pleasure as I was swept up in the pure energy and joy of the recipient. He was young, slightly drunk yet throbbed with charisma. He held me triumphantly aloft and whooped his sheer happiness. He kissed me and thrust me out into the admiring crowd in victory. He stroked my silky silhouette in abject appreciation and I knew we were destined to be together.

The rest of the night is a bit of a blur… cameras flashed, red carpets beckoned, and TV cameras scanned every millimetre of my golden body. I was happy to share the limelight as my image was flashed proudly onto huge screens all around the globe.

Much later, I was standing on a table surrounded by piles of white dust. The hubbub had died down and I was alone with the world’s best actor. The last few hours had been a mad frenzy but at last, the fury had died down a little. It was our first time alone and I was excited. I didn’t have any clue as to what happens next but I was ready to glow with pride every time he picked me up and gleam and sparkle as much as possible for my winner.

I saw him strip. I saw him sniff some of the white powder that seemed to surround us both. He looked adoringly at me and said that he had waited all his young life for this moment. He sat back naked in the easy chair and held me against his warm groin. He seemed to love my gleaming surface as he gently glided my solid smooth frame all across his breathless and sweating body. He guided me up his legs and onto his crotch before slowly inserting my head into his anus. I had no idea what was happening as my entire body was slowly but forcefully pushed further and further up. As he pushed and pulled at my base I could feel his warm innards tightening and with a yell… everything tightened around me.