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Pink Finance Re-launched

Compass, the gay financial advisers are re-launching Pink Finance the gay finance magazine as an online blog. The new online publication will once again be edited by Chris Morgan and be focused on improving the financial landscape for the gay community.

Pink Finance was originally introduced in 2000, as a response to the blatant discrimination faced by the gay community from the financial services industry. They have now decided to celebrate its anniversary by evolving it into a new format with new focus.

Chris Morgan, Marketing Manager of Compass and Editor of Pink Finance Said:

‘Pink Finance was the UK’s first gay finance magazine of its type and has enjoyed considerable success campaigning over the years. We are very proud of our track record of representing the gay community within the financial services Industry’. We are particularly proud of our work with the Association of British Insurers, which led to the removal of the ‘Gay Question’ from life assurance applications. There are literally thousands of people who have been forced to answer this intrusive question in the past’.