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Living by Gayxample

Hitting our computer screens live on 12th March is GAYXAMPLE (pronounced GAY-SHAM-PLEH), a ground breaking new web series set in the gay area of Barcelona’s Eixample district. It’s sexy, hilarious, outrageous as well as being thoughtful, sad and cutting edge. Over ten episodes we bustle through the lives of seven characters who shag, fight, shout, laugh and cry with all the passion you would expect from the residents of this gorgeous, Spanish city. We have Alex, the divorced father who only realizes he’s gay when he meets the horny, handsome and nightmare that is Iván. Don’t miss Toni, our naughty beefy bear who likes nothing better than having his class As and a good party while managing to be an honest and sincere friend. In contrast there’s Xavi, the cute and innocent country boy whose world is shaken when he discovers his favourite uncle is gay but who soon adapts to life in this alluring city. Finally meet tortured teenager Lluis who has to move out of his parents place and starts doing drag and tricks in a drastic attempt to grasp at his dream of being an artist. GAYXAMPLE is more than the bastard child of Queer as Folk and Almodovar, it’s blood boiling Mediterranean drama with a heart and mind.

GAYXAMPLE is an international web TV project in Spanish, subtitled in English, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch and Italian in order to be internationally accessible.