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Editors Words: April 2011

With the world in disarray; what with earthquakes, tsunamis, people uprising against autonomous self-serving oligarchs and the continued tension throughout the UK as prices hit an all-time high, the jobless figures are through the roof and there appears to be no future for the country’s youth, why am I, a middle aged, comfortably well off, happily married gay guy… so bloody angry with everything?

There are things that I cannot influence, there are those things that even if I could influence I would perhaps chose not to and yet the feeling of futility is all pervading. I know there are some who fall to their knees in prayer and call on some ephemeral character to put the world to rights. Alas, as people have been doing this for thousands and thousands of years, and we’re still no better off, I think we can forget about the chances of divine intervention. Despite this, I feel the need to do something. I could send all my money to a charity but… I have always been dubious about such organisations. There is no doubt that most do a fantastic job but there are many that don’t and I play the caution game before I dip into my pocket. Also, I often wonder why a country of our supposed wealth actually needs a charity base? I may be very naive here but couldn’t we fund everything from public money? After all our government bodies seem happy to waste our taxes on the most stupid things – I am referring to the fact that the Ministry of Defence recently reported that they pay £22 for a 65p light bulb and of course this is but one of the many misuses of our finances.

I could go on and list other such financial black holes… and the part that politicians, accountants, bankers and big corporates play in this deceit… but it only makes me even angrier.
To relax, I watched a game of football. I’m not particularly partisan but the sight of watching 22 healthy young guys in shorts, running around displaying their skills for 90 minutes, has aesthetic qualities other than the actual game. One of the teams wore a very nice blue strip, while then other team wore a rather fetching cerise (some might call it a deep pink) shirt that had the commentators agog with wonder. Of course we grown-ups don’t bat an eyelid over a colour but, the retarded folk who pontificate on the game seemed horrified at such an ‘effeminate’ transgression. Perhaps they’d like to share their views with the various rugby teams that have been wearing pink in support of a charity for a couple of years now. Alas, this attitude in football makes it more and more difficult for gay players to come out (and bless the young Swedish player who has the balls to do just that) when these dumb fucks conjure up ‘demons’ where there aren’t any.

Oh hell, I better go lie down as I can feel I’m getting angry again and I don’t want to take it out on the Bent office boy… oh well… maybe it will make me feel a bit better!
“COLIN… get your arse in here!”