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Info for the young

Many teens already rely on their mobiles for social networking, downloading music and playing games. But more and more are now using them to access information, too.

GoGetInfo is a pioneering mobile information service for young people that’s responding to this need.

For the first time, sending a single text to a dedicated number will give them instant access 24/7 to confidential help and advice on one of the top 10 issues they’re likely to face, including:

• where to get emergency contraception
• how to use a condom
• what to do if they’re being bullied
• how to get help for self-harm

GoGetInfo works by delivering a package of practical text content, images and video clips to mobiles using WAP technology. Its makers have worked with technology partner O2 for two years in research and development.

All the topics have been extensively researched, with content provided, or checked and approved, by experts at the sexual health charities FPA and Brook and leading youth charities including YouthNet. GoGetInfo has also consulted with the Department of Health and there’s been feedback and detailed direction given by teenagers via focus groups.

The downloads are intended for young people of 12 and over. At the beginning of each download, users are asked to click on their age range before they can move on to the content: 12-13; 14-15; 16-18; or 18+.