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The World According to “MISS ORRY”

I’ve just recovered from Drag Idol 2010 & I just want to congratulate this year’s winner Cherry Pops & thank everyone involved in this year’s event for a top job & also everyone who came to support us and for raising over £8000 on the night for Yorkshire Mesmac.

Meanwhile, to celebrate drag everywhere, I’m giving you a rundown of my personal top ten Gender Benders in this SHOWBIZ world I live in.

Dame Edna10.) Dame Edna Everage My first introduction into the world of Drag & cross dressing, even though I was convinced She was a real woman & never quite believed my Dad when he said otherwise Read her New Book: Handling Edna by Barry Humphries

zoe 1 large9.) DJ ZOE My first big influence when I started at Funny Girls way back when I was a teen & the moment I realised what I wanted to become. I was in awe of this woman she was & still is the true star of Funny Girls in Blackpool

RuPaul8.) RuPaul Ru was my biggest image influence as she always looked flawless & not a bit of tack in sight & her music is shit hot too, check it out on iTunes now

Kandi Kane7.) Kandi Kane Baxter & Sandra Joint 7th  because it’s a top ten & not 11 so I’m cheating here but the yank whirlwind Kandi Kane is both original and hilarious & Sandra the whore of Hampstead who says what the hell she wants & to hell with the consequences, remind you of anyone?

Cher travesty Jason Woods6.) Cher Travesty (Jason Wood) The late Jason Wood was a dear friend of mine and always praised me and encouraged me to ‘Fuck ‘e m all’ and let my talent shine & her act was hilarious with an amazing singing voice too. I don’t like live singing from drag queens unless they sound like a woman or the person they are impersonating and Jason did just that to perfection

amanda-lepore5.) Amanda Lepore The most famous Transsexual & her music is fierce too. Check out ‘My Hair Looks Fierce’, ‘Champagne & My Pussy’ on iTunes now

edna experience4.) The Dame Edna Experience As with Jason she blew me away with her voice and hilarious patter & another great inspiration and cheerleader for my talents & a great booster for my self confidence

3.) Lily SavageLily Savage The only one to make it big in the UK on TV & hilarious to boot as Lily, we miss that Bitch on our screens!!!

Titti La Camp2.) Titti La Camp Camp, funny, sick and just how I like ‘em!!! Love Titti and guaranteed to put a smile on even the stoniest of faces

Stonewall1.) All The Stonewall Riot Drag Queens Yes Gay Boys – next time you slate a Drag Queen just remember that it was a Drag Queen that hurled the first stone at The Stonewall riots way back in 1969 and if you don’t know what the Stonewall Riots are then shame on you, Google it God Damn it, you kids have it pretty damn easy now because of us Old Queens ya know!!!

Don’t forget you can catch me at The Viaduct Show bar in Leeds every Friday & Saturday evening from 8pm with our Brand New Christmas Show that runs until January along with The Viaduct Drag Divas & our Sexy Boy’s & I’m at Queens Court across the road every Monday & Thursday evenings spinning my tunes, so  see you kids soon.  “Can I get a Courvoisier straight up and a Tranny Chaser”

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