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10 things about Jake Shears

Jake+Shears web1.His real name is Jason Sellards
2.He is five feet seven and a half inches tall.
3.Has been going out with Chris his boyfriend for over 6 years – though they aren’t yet married.
4.Wrote occasional fiction pieces and music reviews for a couple of American mags
5.Formed Scissor Sisters with Babydaddy as a performance ‘lark’.
6.He’s as famous for his flamboyant outfits as well as appearing on stage almost naked.
7.Has co-written tracks with Elton John and Calvin Harris (for Kylie)
8.Kylie appeared at the Scissor Sisters Glastonbury show earlier this year after he text her from an airport asking if she’d like to do a song with them on stage. Her reply was “HELL YEAH!”
9.He’s also a huge fan of Lady Gaga
10.Has been to a Radical Faeries gathering (RF – people seeking to reject hetero-imitation and redefine queer identity through spirituality.)