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Pajama Survey

pjama survey

Pyjama Survey

According to a recent survey by Jockey International of more than 3,000 men and  women, British adults are now spending more time in their pyjamas. Their conclusions were that almost 60 per cent of us say we slip into our PJs as soon as we get home from work.

Modelling himself on Playboy’s Hugh Hefner, who is well known for his silk robes and pyjama style of living, the Bent editor is very keen on a similar image. However, we’ve told him that bunny slippers and pink and blue cotton flannelette doesn’t carry the same gravitas… but he will insist. Meanwhile, we here at Bent wondered if that recent survey was true for us gayers… and if not, what do we like to slip into at bed time… (oooah!)?

So, in conjunction with those lovely people at we asked their members a few pertinent questions. Here’s how it broke down:

What do you normally wear in bed?

A Smile = 44%

Underwear = 31%

Shorts and T-shirt = 14%

Pyjamas = 6%

Other = 5%

And Why ? (for those who answered Pyjamas or Shorts and T-shirt)

Because they are comfortable = 63%

Because I always have = 29%

Other = 7%

Because it reminds me of when I was young = 1%

Because my partner insists I do = 0%

When do you normally put on your pyjamas or sleepwear?

When I’m going to bed = 63%

After a bath or shower = 17%

I’d wear them all day if I could = 9%

The moment I get home from work = 8%

Other = 3%

Age breakdowns

18-24 year olds are the most likely to wear Pyjamas or Underwear

25-30 year olds are the most likely to wear ‘Other’ to bed

51-60 year olds are the most likely to wear a smile to bed

61+ year olds are the most likely to wear Shorts and a T-shirt to bed

One thought on “Pajama Survey

  • Pajama Survey.

    Having read your article and survey, I was wondering what happened to the age group 31-50. As I am in this age range I would be interested in what my peers are wearing in bed. Personally I like to wear underwear and sometimes when cold a T-shirt. Thank you. Gordon.

    Reply from editor: Thank you… it should read 31 -60, who in the majority of cases surveyed wear little more than a smile. One can only guess what they have to smile about!

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