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Alphabeat – Stine Bramsen

We here at Bent Towers love Alphabeat and their camptastic and wonderful tunes. So we thought that we should check our camp-o-meter out on lead singer Stine and ask… Can We Be Your Gay Bestfriend Stine Bramsen


What is the campest thing that you have ever done?

Oooh (giggles)… that’s a difficult question you know! Oh you have put me on the spot straight away. Now then how can a girl be camp? I know lots of boys who can be very, very camp but not so much girls. Ooh, I know… One night I dressed up all my straight male friends in my dresses and head pieces and filmed them. I haven’t put it on Youtube yet… well I wouldn’t actually, as some of you all might just recognise!

Oh what a tease… and how we love her even more for torturing us with a little titbit of some gossip, we will be left guessing all day now. 8/10

Any outrageous dressing room demands?

Oh I wish? I can’t be too demanding on tour with lots of boys. We do also end up in some quite crazy little venues. I like my white wine, which I just won’t share with anyone (giggles). I would love to demand carrot juice because it’s great when I am hungover, which I find I am quite a lot.

We admire the white wine hogging, we do that too. Carrot juice for hangovers though… no no no the answer is always more alcohol. 6/10

Madonna or Lady Gaga?

I would say Madonna but I think that Gaga is getting there, well give her another five years and if she is still as amazing then as she is now then Gaga… she still has some catching up to do though I mean Madonna is Madonna.

We agree though her last album was a little ropey and Gaga does R&B better than Madge although Gaga’s still got lots to prove even if she is so 2010. We did hope Stine might have some Gaga gossip after touring with her though. 7/10

When did you last have a diva strop?

I am rubbish at that and I definitely need to get better at that one (laughs). I just tend to cry if it all gets too much, that’s not very diva like really, and it’s just emotional! I think I should start shouting and throwing things, maybe fire some people (laughs) but my inner diva is still growing, I haven’t quite found her yet.

Stine clearly has big future diva plans so all around her better watch out. 8/10

Prada or Primark?

(Laughs) I am actually wearing a vintage Prada turban right now, so Prada over Primark. I did once buy a pair of shoes from Primark… once, I haven’t worn them. We don’t get Primark over in Sweden as much as everyone in England does. I might have to try it again sometimes it’s always a bit too crazily busy, you fear for your life.

Fearing for your life in Primark with a vintage Prada turban on is too much of a camp wonderful image 10/10

What’s your biggest extravagance?

Hmmm… at the moment headpieces. For this album campaign I have decided that’s my look… so I am always looking for some amazing headpieces here, there and everywhere. I have some made by a designer who makes me cat suits too.

Cat suits and headpieces, we like! We also like the idea of dressing for each campaign in a new way, verges on fickle and trendsetting all in one. 7/10

Do you like a good drama?

I don’t really like it if I am involved in it, I do like watching them unfold though (giggles) I then like to solve it.

Watching and giggling from afar – then going and being the peace maker resulting in all involved adoring you show signs of true greatness. 7/10

What’s your best put down line?

Ooh, I have lots in Danish… how could I translate? Maybe it’s best not to translate then people won’t know what I am saying, which is a bit naughtier and funnier for me.

We get the feeling Stine is a very nice young lady… we want some evil though, a little put down to make us feel inferior and special all in one. 6/10

How any gay friends are too many?

I don’t think you can have too many. I have some very close gay friends who I love and I know if I am going out with them I will have the most fun evening. I do like the fact we have got a good gay fanbase, it means we are good taste (laughs).

Flattery will get you everywhere… almost. 7/10

Do you like a gossip and can you tell me any?

I do like a bit of gossip. Not hurtful but juicy gossip is always good. Have I got any? Hmmm I can tell you the Spice Girls asked us to support them on tour and we said no thank you. I loved them when I was young and back in the 90’s. I had everything they did, I loved them.

Our favourite answer so far!!! Saying no to the Spice Girls!!!! Is that even possible? Apparently so! Admitting you had everything of theirs is also unashamedly pop loving… we had the chubba chup headsets and everything. 10/10.

69/100 (Oooh our favourite number out of 100!) Serious signs of being utterly gay best friend worthy, we think Stine shows promise of future Princess of Popness, she just needs to let the darker, camper, devious side out a little more often.

Alphabeat’s new album ‘The Beat Is…’ is out now. And they will be coming to a town near you very soon on their ‘The Beat Is… Tour’ in April for more information visit