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Editor’s Words Equality: the state of being equal

bill of rights scroll

Equality seems a strange concept for an awful lot of people to comprehend yet the precept is very simple – We are all Equal.

Of course in George Orwell’s literary classic ‘Animal Farm’ we know that once some achieve power the adage that ‘we are all equal… just some are more equal than others’ comes into being. Being more equal than others means we can feel superior, expect different (and better) treatment and that normal rules that exist for others, simply do not apply to those who are… more equal.

At the moment some groups within the Church of England feel that they should not be held by the law that states you cannot discriminate against someone’s sexuality because they feel it goes against the Church’s teachings. Apparently, Love Thy Neighbour was never a strong point with the religious bigots who now infest the church, dragging its already tarnished reputation further into the mire. We can only hope that these lunatics are in the minority but alas, I fear they are a growing group who want things their way… or no way. We see that in other religions where the extremist’s views offer nothing but intolerance where “We are right and you are… evil” is the incantation. There is no doubt that power corrupts and religion, and its earthly representatives, love that feeling of being in control, instilling fear and generally ignoring the principles of their own religion… often feeling they are taking some kind of moral high ground. History tells us that religion (and its zealots) has been responsible for some of the more lunatic reasons for war and hate – yet we seem incapable of having a secular society. Thankfully, some governments put all their people first (and I know this is a relative term) and keep religion well away from legislation. However, when legislation is old, corrupt and/or dealing with a historical and outdated law it needs to act but, and I ask this in probably unjustifiable hope… wouldn’t a Bill of Equality for everyone solve that ‘problem’?

A country like ours, with our history, our ‘Mother of Parliament’, our grasp of inclusion… yet we seem not to have a Bill of Rights or Equality for all our citizens… and that is a great shame.