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Soldier, Soldier will you marry me…?

5He won Best Actor at the 2004 GayVN Awards in 2004 for A Porn Star is Born! and Best Sex Scene in 2003 with Chris Steele in Cops Gone Bad! Lately, Michael Soldier has found another side to his many talents which some might think is a bit of a drag!

The new DVD Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror is full of unspeakable horrors… what, in your career, has been the most unspeakable horror you’ve had to deal with?

How nice of you to call it a career! But how can I possibly speak of an ‘unspeakable horror’?! If we speak of film/theatre…getting in drag before sunrise is an abomination. If it’s porn…that time I snapped my nutflesh in a cockring during a scene that wasn’t going that well to begin with qualifies. Ohhh… such tender skin! Who would have thought the old balls to have had so much blood in them? If it’s massage therapy…leaning in on the glutes just in time to catch a blustery fart in the face beats all.

The movie looks ‘fun’ but of course we all realise it is a parody of the global financial collapse and the possible end of civilisation – discuss (or not, depending if there’s something good on the TV)

I’ve grown so weary of waiting for the collapse. Artists always do better when everything’s gone to hell anyway! I think the underlying message that drew me to our movie is that REAL perversion is the result of denying one’s instincts and identity and making others suffer because of it. Bigotry and oppression are best discussed in the arena of a ridiculous, murderous farce!

Having been a top porn star for several years… when and where did you find your feminine side?

Well, I think of myself as an actor/artist first. I knew so many talented drag queens while in art school in NYC that inspired me to develop my ‘Lady Friend’. It’s a great way to embrace your inner sissy and grow fearless as a performer. Then the pendulum swung…

Will you be bringing that character (or yourself for that matter) to the UK in the near future?

I have only spent two days in London so far…if the invite comes I would love to perform there! My weekly club ‘BULB nightclub of the performing arts’ and the revival of the Cockettes’ musical ‘Pearls Over Shanghai’ have me very busy ‘til New Year.

Most of our readers will know you from your movies (and your terrific… erm butt) did you ever stop to count the number of times you had sex?

My focus is on ART, not MATH. I don’t do numbers so well.

Do you have a specific type of guy that you go for?

Fit, smart, tender, confident, and funny. I also have a special fondness for mixed race guys. The rest is all up to chemistry.

In porn you have to keep hard and produce several loads… did you have a daily regime to help with the quantity?

Stay hydrated and don’t wank for a few days. Moderate viagra usage is just for porn insurance. Find chemistry on whatever level you can. Enjoy what you do and remember it will never go away so make it memorable!

You’re a licensed massage therapist…what exactly does that mean you can legitimately do?

Legitimately, I am a licensed health care pro. I can help with stress, posture, exercise and rehabilitation. Anything beyond that enters gray legal areas…often, and for an appropriate fee.

When, where, who with and how old were you when you lost your virginity… and was it good or a dud?

Virginity has so many levels! The first time I got fucked was about as tawdry as I could come up with involving a pornstar that I was rather obsessed with in a Times Square ‘hotel’ . It lasted 8 hours. It was worth waiting for.