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Over 50’s

Over 50 but still as spunky as ever

pierce brosnan 2With everyone from Paddington Bear to Sharon Stone clocking up half a century this year, this poll delivers a timely reminder – not least in a gay world oft accused of overly-idolising youth – of senior pulling power; and not just at the box office! Not surprisingly the star of current box office fave, Mama Mia, Pierce Brosnan heads the list of over 50s male stars.

Top 6 most desired gay male date with male celebrity aged 50+:

1.       Pierce Brosnan (55)                                 33%

2.       Bruce Willis (53)                                      25%

3.       Richard Gere (58)                                    14%

4.       Harrison Ford (66)                                    13%

5.       Mel Gibson (52)                                       10%

6.       Sean Connery (77)                                   5%

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