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Capital Radio Gay DJ – Lucio

Hey Mr DJ… Put A Record On


Simon Savidge caught up with Capital Radio’s very own Gay DJ Lucio for a little sound bite!

You started out on Xfm and then moved to Capital how has it been?

I loved the music at Xfm and if you were to say what my favourite music is I would say that. However I love pop and Capital has plenty of that, plus it’s the radio station that I grew up listening to and it has bigger opportunities for me I guess. I also have so much fun; I mean the kind of people I have interviewed and everything. If you check the website there’s photos of me with Kanye, Rihanna you know amazing people, I am a very lucky man.

Who has been the best guest that you have had on so far?

Catherine Tate was amazing, really funny. Kelly Rowland was good, I’d met her a few times and we get on really well and the last interview was really funny as I just read her the lyrics to ‘Work’ back, which is a dirty song, and she was playing along trying to say ‘put it in, put it in, go hard’ wasn’t sexual, she was good.

Who has been the worst?

There isn’t really such a thing as worst, some people have been nervous I guess. Either that or you have people who really don’t care. Sean Kingston was the worst if there was one, just completely arrogant, came in late covered in bling, was bored, mumbled and the just took the piss out of me and how I wasn’t bling enough.

The big debate… who is better Madonna or Kylie?

I have never interviewed Madonna, I have interviewed Kylie. I am not sure I would want to interview Madonna… because I love her and might get scared. There are two people I really like who I don’t think I could interview, Madonna and Elton John, just because if they disappointed I would be devastated. How camp was that answer?

Do you agree with the statement ‘pop is dead’?

No, pop died a death a few years ago, pop is now back. I mean look at the Brit Nominations this year. Topping the nominations are Mika, Leona Lewis and Take That all pure pop. Everybody wants to do pop and I think everyone is into pop at the moment; Rihanna’s new stuff has a big pop edge. Britney, two huge singles. Pop’s good, pops cool.


Where do you like to go out?

I like the alternative gay scene as opposed to GAY etc. Duckie, Popstars, Horse Meat Disco, Gay Bingo…

Are you single at the moment?

Seeing someone at the moment.

Do you think being openly gay has affected your career at all?

Erm… I think now it doesn’t matter so much, When I started, I am not gonna say who or what company or anything, someone said that being ‘out’ for me was that not being camp meant the audience wouldn’t get it. I disagree. There is a certain part of the media who like you to be really easily identifiable. If you are gay you have to be a clone of Graham Norton or Julian Clary. Look at John Barrowman he is very flamboyant now he is openly out. I think it’s the way TV works more than radio. If you look at out gay men in radio like me and Scott Mills who is probably the most well known gay DJ, we don’t really fit into that stereotype. I think I would alienate my listeners if I was outrageously camp. It would be a turn off I think, maybe I am wrong. I can be camp though. Kevin Greening who sadly passed away wasn’t camp. Maybe that’s inverse stereotyping.

Lucio’s show Hit 40 UK airs on the One Network, simply log on to to find your local station.