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Don’t just punch the screen

KBGradingEtc 013Fed up with the same, non-progressive fitness video you’ve been watching since 1999?! e-KB Fitness is now offering progressive Fitness and Self Defence classes for your living room or office

Kelly Bunyan, the Chief Instructor at KB FITNESS, the largest Martial Arts Academy in Central London, has always strived to teach as many people as humanly possible.  With the increasing popularity of the Internet, she has realised that it is now time to teach the World, not just Londoners; hence the birth of this phenomenal new way of training:

Classes are split between e-KB Workouts and e-KB Self Defence Lessons.

The e-KB Workouts are an aerobic/boxercise-type workout, based upon martial arts. It is an upbeat, cardiovascular workout, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised! Students will benefit from becoming fitter, stronger and slimmer.

The e-KB Self Defence classes cover basic Self-Defence techniques.  Not dissimilar to the e-KB Workouts, they instil confidence and self esteem.  Knowledge of Self Defence is becoming increasingly necessary on the streets of ‘Yob Britain!’

It really is a bargain!

Kelly has decided to remove all barriers to her lessons!  For a start, the e-KB Workouts cost just £1.99!  The Self Defence Classes cost £4.99.

The advantages of this new phenomenon are endless:

–          Classes are progressive; a new level is introduced monthly!

–          No need to travel anywhere – do it in your office or at home!

–          Do it when YOU like, any time of the day!

–          Do the lessons as much, or as little as you like!

–          No chance of intimidation or embarrassment; no-one’s watching!

e-KB is the only Interactive Fitness and Self Defence class available on-line.  To learn more, visit: