Maguire Reveals Daughter Ruby Sweetheart.


Maguire Reveals Daughter Ruby Sweetheart.

TOBEY MAGUIRE and fiancee JENNIFER MEYER have named their new daughter RUBY SWEETHEART in honour of Meyer’s grandmother who recently died.

The couple became engaged last April (06) and Meyer gave birth to a baby girl on 11 November (06).

He says, “Jen’s grandmother, who passed away recently, would always call her ‘Sweetheart.’ We named her that to honour her grandmother.”

But the SPIDERMAN star found the birth of his daughter a little daunting, but admits fatherhood is “completely indescribable”.

He says, “Nobody really coached me on it. They say, ‘Ok, catch her! I’m like, ‘What do I do?’ I ended up just kind of putting my hand on her while the doctor put her on Mom’s belly.”