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Celebrity Big Brother – Shilpa Wins The Show!

article_image-76.phpYou have chosen your champion of Celeb Big Brother 2007.

Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty was confirmed the winner of the hit reality TV show after bagging 67% of the finale vote.

The 31 year old actress shrieked with shock after being told the news. “Are you kidding me?” she shouted, then started sobbing.

However, this time, Shilpa was clearly crying with happiness. After saying goodbye to her mate Jermaine, she rushed to the loo to put on some lippy.

After a terrific fireworks display, she walked out to a welcoming crowd and began giving kisses.

Ms Shetty’s stay in the House has been overwhelmed by quarrells, and flirting sessions with a particular A-Team actor.

She’s managed to cope through stressful events in the place with “her head held high,” partly thanks to regular meditation lessons with Carole and Ken and has also acquired an army of new admirers.

As mentioned Jermaine collected silver, Dirk bronze and Ian just missed out with fourth place.

Well Done Shilpa!