Real-life Break-up For Jennifer And Vince


Despite never publicly admitting they were a couple, representatives for Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have now confirmed the pair have split up.

Vaughniston, as they have been dubbed by the media, have split up after Jen visited Vince in London a few weeks ago.

Their reps told People magazine the break-up was a mutual decision and that the pair remain ‘good friends’.

The two started dating more than a year ago after starring together in the movie ‘The Break-Up’.

Her romance with Vince was Jen’s first relationship after divorcing Brad Pitt.

They didn’t speak about their relationship in public, but were spotted canoodling in the States and during a European holiday last summer.

Speculation of wedding bells mounted, with reports even suggesting that their pal Oprah Winfrey was planning to throw an $8 million nuptial party for the two.

However, rumours of trouble in paradise surfaced when Vince started filming ‘Fred Clause’ in London in the autumn.

He threatened to sue various media outlets who ran stories of him allegedly cheating on Jen which he denied.