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Danny the Manny


What is the correct way to raise a child in todays? Is there one?

The media is constantly reporting on the quarrelling between parents, businesses, schools and other bodies on wether or not gender roles should be ignored or adhered to, but what’s best for the child?

These are some of the questions Danny the Manny, a gay 20-something trying to make it as an actor in hollywood while babysitting to pay the bills, discovered that six-year-old Quinn whom he looks after has a inclination for cross-dressing.

Should he leave him go it? Tell the boys mother? Assure him that there’s nothing wrong with it?

This funny, charming and uplifting new web series examines the challenges of raising a child in the new era of queer awareness.

For more information, visit the website, or you can watch all of the episodes below.