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The Pink Humanist



High levels of intolerance towards LGBT people in Europe and Africa are shown in two separate surveys released last month.

Details of the findings are contained in the June issue of The Pink Humanist, the quarterly online magazine, published by the UK gay charity, the Pink Triangle Trust, on the Pink Humanist blog
Packed with news and analyses from around the globe, the latest issue examines the Boy Scouts of America’s recent illogical decision to allow gay youngsters, but not adults, to be active members of the organisation; and it carries a piece about an incidence of homophobia on the Isle of Man that badly backfired on a fundamentalist Christian pastor.
But there’s good news from Moldova, where gay rights activists last month applauded the fact that young people are becoming far more tolerant towards the LGBT community there.
The momentous vote in the UK Parliament to approve same-sex marriage prompted human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell to provide a report about the oft-times acrimonious debate, one that he claims unleashed waves of homophobia not seen in Britain for many years.
The magazine also carries a timely article about the efforts of Nigerian human rights campaigner Leo Igwe to boost levels of humanism, atheism and scepticism in his country.
Given its shocking decision this week to pass anti-gay legislation – a move driven largely by religious zealots – there has never been a more important time to counter attack the forces of irrationalism that currently has Nigeria in its grip.