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Are men turning into girlie-boys?


According to a recent survey conducted by Salon Services, the UK’s largest professional Hair and beauty supplier, there has been a 66% increase in the number of guys looking for treatment.

Findings from ‘Beautiful Britain’ – a survey of over 1,500 hair and beauty professionals – found that this is increasingly driven by the soaring popularity of male beauty treatments

Most popular male treatments and percentage increase plus average cost

1                                              Haircut                                     60%        £18.60

2                                              Massage                                   31%        £32.80

3                                              Hair removal                          30%        £20.90

4                                              Hair colour                             28%        £37.80

5                                              Skin treatment                       19%        £33.60

6                                              Nail treatment                       18%        £23.90

7                                              Tanning                                  17%        £19.70

8                                              Shaving                                   9%          £14.10

Regional trends

Beautiful Scotland

Scotland would appear to have the best-groomed men in the UK with nearly three quarters (74%) of hairdressers and beauticians who offer male treatments in the region seeing an increase in male clientele – the largest increase in the UK.  This compares with the North East where only half of salons see increased male custom – the smallest in the survey.

‘Henson’ effect felt in Wales

No doubt inspired by local rugby playing celeb Gavin Henson, tanning treatments are particularly popular in Wales, with 35% of male customers requesting it – the highest demand in the UK.

Welshmen are also the ‘smoothest’ operators in the UK as nearly half (47%) of male customers in the country opt for hair removal treatments.  Hair removal in Wales is therefore twice as popular than in the South West where only 23% are asking for the treatment.

Stressed Londoners opt for massages and “Man-icures”

It appears busy London men overcome the stresses and strains of the capital by treating themselves to invigorating beauty treatments with over a third of male customers (38%) opting for massages and nearly a third (31%) for skin treatments – the biggest demand for these treatments anywhere in the UK.

Male grooming in London comes at its price though, with the total bill for the three most popular treatments (haircut, massage and skin treatment) coming in at £111.00 – £25.00 more expensive than the average UK bill for the same treatments.


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