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Gay Sauna – My First Time

I’d been humming and ahhing for about a year about whether to go or not and I was still no nearer a decision when a mate I was chatting to via facebook said he was having the same concerns but that we should go together. We laughed and joked about the possibilities but nervously a decision was made so, last month we went and I don’t know why I’d been dithering for so long. Perhaps it was because Pete, the mate I went with, was more fun than I thought he’d be; daring each other and then we kept trying to outdo each other in what we were getting up to. I was the first to get fondled (my arse in the shower) but he was the first to get his nob stroked (in the sauna).  It was funny because he had to leave the sauna quickly as he was embarrassed to cum in front of an audience of four… including me, but the guy who was wanking him followed him and took him to a private cabin. Pete said he had the most brilliant orgasm at the hands of his admirer. Meanwhile, the guy and me who were left in the sauna looked at one and other, noticed we both had hard-ons and he gave me a fantastic blowjob. It was the best afternoon I can remember and we have both decided we will go again soon. Can’t wait to see what we get up to next and now I’ve seen what Pete is packing, I might want a bit of that myself.

Paul (& Pete) – Manchester

One thought on “Gay Sauna – My First Time

  • Nick (Kent)

    My first sauna trip was about 12 years ago in Barcelona. I was living there at the time and my then boyfriend was in London. I fancied some action äñð we agreed that I could experiment so long as I reported details. He, in turn, he got a date on GayDar. I got to the sauna, feeling rather nervous, paid my money, got towel, changed in locker room and went to shower where a od looking guy was in there. Our eyes met äñð we smiled. I wrapped my towel round my waist äñð proceeded to the main sauna. The Spanish guy from the shower followed me and sat down bedside me. Some of the guys were naked, some hard, some masturbating each other and an older guy was blowing a twink. I later found out the place often had rent boys. The guy next to me opened his towe nd started playing with his semi hard boner. I was getting hard, he put his hand up my towel and grabbed mine. I in turn grabbed his and we gently stroked away. He said to stop after a while and we started chatting. I told him I was new äñð he grabbed my hand and led me around showing me the different rooms. There was a guy in a sling with a group of guys taking turns pumping him. We stayed and watched for a while then he led me to a private cabin where we dropped our towels and started kissing. He grabbed a condom from the wall, lubed his cock and my butt, pushed me onto the bench, lifted my legs, slowly entered me then pumped away with his good sized member. He lasted about 20 mins thrusting harder and faster before exploding. I hadn’t finished, slipped off his condom and licked his cock clean. Then he sat me onmn the bench and swallowed my cock until I exploded, where he saved it in his mouth, kissed me, sharing my load. We spent the resto of time together and I got the courage to go in sling with 3 guys band Jose taking turns. Love saunas now. Nick (Kent)

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