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David Ducasse

David Ducasse shot to fame when he appeared with Scooch – the fabulous foursome who in 2007 represented the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki – if you need a little help remembering think bright blue cabin crew uniforms. Now, four years later, we sent Ryan Houston to catch up with David and find out just what is happening in the Scooch camp!

Looking back, how did it feel to represent the UK at Eurovision?

It was a very bizarre situation – a whirlwind experience! As a group we weren’t performing together anymore and all had very different lifestyles and commitments. We had to juggle busy schedules to be able to commit to the project; if I’m honest, I never expected to be chosen. It was a case of being asked six months earlier: ‘If you had the chance to do Eurovision, would you do it?’, and then getting a call to say ‘OK, can you come and record your vocals, rehearse and attend costume fittings?’ We when got through and the British public chose us as their entry everything went mad! I thought it was really nice to re-visit the Scooch project without the pressure of a manager or record label – it was just four friends enjoying the experience.  We kind of felt that it was win-win situation, as we could make a little mark and enjoy the experience without the previous pressures of the 90’s on us.

We’ve seen Scooch perform at many Pride events…

Yes… we always enjoy them… they are always full of fun and full of life.

You’ve moved on from the Eurovision material is that because of a reinvention of the band?

Last year we created a new show ‘SCOOCH do GLEE’, which has been going down a storm. It came about because we were all such fans of the show and performed ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ at one of our gigs. The reaction was great so it kind of made sense to expand on the idea. As a group we were aware we had quite a diverse audience ranging from pop fans who remembered us from the 90s up to die-hard Eurovision fans. We were also getting asked to appear at all kinds of events including universities, festivals and nightclubs so we wanted to not only sing our own songs but include numbers that appealed to everyone. GLEE seemed the obvious choice as they re-invent popular songs from all genres and decades, whilst bringing them to a new audience. Plus they are just a bit camp, which suits us well!

What is in store for you and the gang this month and next year?

It’s another busy time for us individually. Caroline and Russ are finishing off a tour of their Pop and Rock musical ‘THE HEAT IS ON’.

Both myself and Russ are appearing in Panto this Christmas (I’m playing the title role in ‘Dick Whittington’ at Consett Empire) so it’s pretty full on into the New Year! And then when 2012 comes it’s just back to performing and doing what we love.