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‘Coming Out & Out & Out &….’

If you missed it, the 12thOctober was National Coming Out Day and to acknowledge this occasion, the UKs most popular online gay dating website, released some very interesting statistics. The research, which polled more than 5,300 guys across the UK, highlighted the issue of gay men having to reveal their sexuality each time they decide to tell another friend or family member, start a new job or move to a new area.

The survey also reveals which of their friends, family or peers, gay and bisexual men are most likely to come out to:

·         82% of guys have ‘come out’ to their friends

·         More than half (56%) have come out their employer

·         63% have ‘come out’ to their Mother

·         Just half (50%) have ’come out’ to their Father

·         22% have ‘come out’ to their grandparents

·         15% have come out to a lawyer or solicitor

·         1 in 10 has ‘come out’ to a priest or religious leader

Simon Johnson, product manager at comments: “It’s fascinating to see how many gay guys have to reveal their sexuality on numerous occasions, rather than one ‘spotlight’ moment as many may imagine. Coming out isn’t just something that happens once – so many gay and bisexual men had to do it over and over again – every time they meet new people or start a new job – it can be daunting.”

Despite some guys choosing to keep their sexuality private, a majority (80%) agreed that it is easier to come out today than ten years ago. However, two fifths (40%) have experienced homophobia in one form or another with almost a third (30%) of those saying they have received verbal abuse, and 1 in 10 experiencing physical abuse.

In terms of the age that gay or bisexual guys are revealing their sexuality, the 18-24 age group proved to be the most popular, with 42% of guys coming out at this stage of their lives. More than a fifth (23%) of guys came out before they were 18, and just 19% came out in their thirties.

The survey reveals that just 1 in 10 gay or bisexual men are still ‘in the closet’ with the majority of those claiming that they like to ‘keep their private lives, private’. Sadly, some even expressed fears of rejection from friends and family.

To check out the sleek, new website, go to:

One thought on “‘Coming Out & Out & Out &….’

  • Dan Collier

    Truly wonderful to know that so many are now coming out in their late teens and early twenties. As someone who didn’t acknowledge his homosexuality to himself until I was 35, and didn’t begin coming out until i was 43, this is wonderful, indeed. Just as important is to know that it is a never-ending journey. We are always coming out, every day, every week, every year.

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