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How I became an Executive Toy

By Martin Croft

Six months ago I left school and got a job as an office junior in a large building firm. It wasn’t a very demanding job but they told me that the prospects were good if I had any aptitude. The office is relaxed but everyone dresses rather smartly. No jeans or t-shirts and most of the guys wear a suit so I do too. I’m always clean, well presented, neat and tidy (mum sees to that) and I hope to do well in this my first ever job. I’m slim, OK looking, always polite (again mum’s doing) and very easy to get along with and often don’t need things explaining twice before I can do what is asked of me.


They seem to like me in the office and I’ve become fairly popular with my work colleagues. Almost immediately one of the company directors became very friendly towards me and encouraged me in my ambitions – taking me out on the occasional site inspection with him, as he thinks it will give me more of an overall idea of what the company is about. He’s witty and you can share a joke with him, he makes the entire office a little nicer to be in when he’s around. Not like the other two bosses who, in all honesty, scare the shit out of me. When we went to the sites together, and it was at least once a week that I accompanied him, it all seemed so exciting. At my age, and in my first job, I love the attention and the encouragement he gives me, making me feel special and that I could really go places with the company. He said he liked the way I said “Yes Boss” when he first asked me to do something for him – I think it was to retrieve a file on the computer system. Embarrassingly, I couldn’t remember his name so I meant to say “Yes Sir” but it came out as “Yes Boss.” He laughed and I nervously smiled back at my unintentional cheek but from then, we’ve got on just fine.


One evening about 2 months ago, when we were returning to base, he said he had to call home first as he’d forgotten some papers. His house on the outskirts of town is terrific; in its own grounds, very expensive, well decorated and I was pretty impressed. He asked if I was thirsty… pointed to a drinks cabinet and told me to help myself, I felt like he was treating me as an adult and not as one of the office juniors. He disappeared into another room, which I assumed was to get the papers he needed and after a couple of minutes he called for me to go through. I went to help little knowing that it was his bedroom and was surprised to see him standing there dressed in nothing but a white silk bathrobe. I was stunned but still took in the fact that even though he was in his late 40s he had a very muscular hairy chest. I then tumbled to the fact that the detour to his place was all just an excuse to get me alone but when he pulled me against his strong body and told me how good-looking he thought I was, in truth, I was scared but also flattered by his attention. I’m 18 and I’ve known I was gay since I was 12 but had never acted on my feelings. However, just about any guy looking at me, or me looking at them, gives me a stiffy so, with his masculine firm hands touching me, it was no surprise I got an instant hard-on. He’s not the greatest looking guy, although he’s OK I suppose, but he is very manly and quite an imposing figure.


Now I know my reaction should have been to throw a hissy-fit or storm out but I was dumbstruck as he slipped his hand into my waistband. He flicked the button loose on my trousers, pulled them down then quickly fell to his knees and was sucking on my hard cock through the thin nylon material of my briefs in seconds. Although I was shocked, the feelings he was generating in my groin were incredible and I loved it. So, when he dragged my trousers and briefs down to my ankles and turned me around I was more excited by the fabulous sensations than alarmed. He played with my cock as he licked my bum for a couple of minutes, which was really strange but felt great. When he saw I was enjoying these fantastic sensations (it was hard to hide my stiff dick) he pulled apart his bathrobe and took out his thick cock.  I didn’t know just how thick at that moment but soon found out as he quickly shoved it up my slippery wet hole. It all seemed so surreal but my tight little virgin hole was forced wide open by the boss as he shagged me over  the side of his bed for about 20 minutes. I was pinned there, bum filled and stretched, hurting, trying to hold back the screams and tears but without much success but he just kept his thrusting up my tight chute… enjoying his own sensations. Afterwards, there was no pretending, I was very, very sore and in shock wondering what had just happened and why? What had I done? What signals had I sent out and… how did he know, that despite the initial pain, I was going to enjoy it so much? My mind was full of questions as I tried to deal with what had just taken place. He was smiling and full of praise for me, telling me what a fantastic arse I had and what a great shag I was. Once he’d finished with the praise I think he noticed my shocked and hurt look but he just told me I could go far in the company… if I kept my mouth shut… and my legs open.


So from that moment I became his plaything, in fact his toy. He was happy to have me in that role but I got the message…the minute I didn’t live up to his expectations, he’d find someone who would… so it was up to me. The sex is OK… I think.  He’s the only person I’ve ever done it with so don’t really have anyone else to compare it to. All I know is… I’m learning all the time, in the office he’s the life and soul of the place and he’s really good to everyone but when we’re on our own… well, sexually he’s such a demanding boss. Anyway, I have to think of my future… don’t I?