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A reason to take it all

By Lee Hudson

OK, OK. We all know that Bent can never get enough good looking boybands within its shiny pages but right now we’re getting all hot and sweaty over a manband… The Reason 4.

Since I received a copy of their new single – Take It All, a classy piece of pop that should see The Reason 4 ride high in the charts and gain them a cart load of screaming gay fans, I keep thinking, is this the new Westlife? Not that there’s anything wrong with that particular bunch of chaps, it is though perhaps a time for a change.

The Reason were a minor success on last year’s X Factor and the band, all grown up builders and labourers who look the part of a bit of rough you’d probably want to have a long session with, created a bit of a stir. Unfortunately, they didn’t create a big enough stir to keep them in the competition and they made an exit fairly early on. Now with a change of name – The Reason have become The Reason 4 after another band claimed the rights to the name – they have signed up to a large music publisher and got themselves involved with a major new entertainment agency fronted by hit maker Eliot Kennedy (integral to a few acts you may have heard of, Spice Girls, Take That, 5ive).

Meanwhile, the boys… sorry, the men – Nathan, Scott, Glenn and Marc – have created a pretty good sound that should show some longevity… something that for many X Factor hopefuls was never there in the first place.

First single, Take It All, slated for an August 7th release, is a euphoric slice of grown up pop. Produced by pop maestro Eliot Kennedy, this feel good pop ditty is the perfect introduction to the classic song writing and harmonies that the Reason 4 are set to define.