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We’re told that stress can be a killer. From when time began lads have taken themselves in hand and found ways of relieving that stress on their own, with friends or sometimes with complete strangers. That glorious feeling of release is a wonderful experience but often the feeling is only temporary.

Stress, and stressing about stress can lead to all manner of physical and mental problems like; high blood-pressure, anxiety and depression, so we at Bent recommend that you try and avoid it. Although some say that stress can give you that edge in your job, others will tell you to just dump that pressure and chill out… and what better way than having a nice massage.

Now, not everyone has a willing partner or friend that they can call upon to give them that stress relieving massage. However, there is nothing finer than having someone else take charge and give your entire body a head- to-toe relaxing rubdown. Many spas, gyms and sports clubs offer various treatments that will guarantee to relax your body and rejuvenate your mind… or at the very least give you a few glorious minutes of ‘ME’ time.

We see from surveys carried out that men are just as likely these days to pop into a spa and have some form of treatment, indeed, many spas have a programme of facials, body-rubs, deep-tissue massages that are geared at male customers, not that they still don’t enjoy the pleasures of a pedicure or manicure when they are on offer.

A recent trip to one of the Esporta Health Clubs saw a day of exercise, weights, running and swimming topped off with some relaxing and body repairing treatments at its Tranquillity Spa.
Hydrating, toning, exfoliating and rejuvenating the entire process was both surprising and enjoyable and I’d never left a gym more relaxed or with a feeling that I’d just spent the best and most rewarding time on… me.