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Peytonly Obvious

OK, so he may once have been a presenter on ‘Queer Eye For A Straight Guy, UK’ (then it was Peyton the food and wine expert) but that is all behind him now. This shaven headed hunk has dropped any memory of that particular show and in the process has become the voice-of-choice for so many record producers who want vocals that will set the dance floors alight. He has had hit records via Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi, proving just what the brand leaders think of him and his talent, so we sent Ryan Houston to find out a little bit more about what first got him interested in the music industry and his forthcoming collaborations.

This summer is going to be full-on with new releases and lots of travel.  I have a new single coming out in May with Kid Massive called A Little Louder, which I will be promoting all over the world, including Ibiza where I’m going to base myself for the latter part of the season.  Also, I have a big release coming out with Russian superstar DJ Kolya called ‘How To Love’ which is going to be taking me to Russia even more than I already go now.

What first got you interested in the music industry?
I first got into music because my dad is a Pentecostal preacher and I grew up singing in the church.  If I hadn’t had that outlet, who knows if I would have ended up becoming a professional singer?  I was too scared to sing in school, for the very same reasons those kids in Glee are always getting punished for wanting to sing. Thankfully, I had gospel music and the church really nurtured my love for music and singing.

You’ve just performed in America at The White Party (America’s largest gay dance music festival), with the likes of Robyn, Natalia Kills and Wynter Gordon – were you looking forward to it?
It was absolutely amazing, but not so much for meeting big stars . . . that’s not really something that excites me.  I just loved the energy of the crowd, and the production, and getting to hang out with my friends Wayne G, Pagano, James and Russell from the Freemasons, Bobby Blanco, etc. . . .   those are the real stars that made my weekend truly spectacular.  I did get a picture with Charo however, which was quite exciting.  She’s 60, and looks AMAZING!  So now I’m convalescing for a few days in New York!

What would you say has been the best part of your career so far?
The best (and worst) part of my career is the travel.  It’s the part that sometimes kills me, and it’s the part that makes it all worth it.  Obviously not every trip is going to be a life-changing experience, as often it’s just work and lots of sitting in airports and on planes.  But then, sometimes I have the chance to really make dear friends in certain cities where I go often, and those friends have become like family to me.  When I’m in places like Sydney, Cairo, Prague, Moscow, or Ibiza . . . it’s like I’m returning to yet another home in the world.  That’s the best part of what I do!  It’s all about the people!

Where is there left to go for you?
Well, I haven’t sung in Uganda yet.   I recently saw a very disturbing documentary about the persecution of gays in Uganda which has been weighing heavy on my mind ever since.  The Ugandan government wants to pass legislation for the death penalty to all gays.  It’s heartbreaking and terrifying.  I’ve been fantasising about singing Promised Land there . . . my brothers my sisters . . . one day we will be free!!!

You’re a guy that’s got yourself around (in the country sense) where has been the best place you’ve lived?
I loved living in New York City, and I do love living in London . . .  although I’ve now been in London for fourteen years and the only way I survive it is to leave often. Every year I base myself in Sydney for January and February, and honestly . . . if it weren’t so far away from the rest of the world, I think that’s probably where I’d choose to live.

What would your advice be to others who want to be the next Peyton?
My advice to anyone wanting to be me would be . . . well, don’t be!  Be yourself! However, if you wanna be an artist or a performer or whatever, you gotta have the stamina to keep on going and never take your foot off the accelerator!  There are more downs than ups, and you have to be willing to weather the valleys in order to occasionally reach those mountain tops.  It’s exhausting . . .  but if you really want it, it’s worth it!  Otherwise, get yourself a good job that you enjoy, and have a reasonably normal life!  There’s a lot to be said for having a body clock that actually works. Mine stopped ticking to any one time zone a long time ago!