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My Son’s Mate

By Les Lea

My son’s mate Ricky is a horny little sod and he seems to spend more time at our place than he does his own. He’s been a visitor to our home since Thomas, my son, and he became friends at junior school. He’s always been cute. Even as a little kid he was difficult to turn away, with his huge brown eyes, floppy hair and cheeky smile making him always look just so adorable. He spent as much time as he could with Thomas and I have to say they made a sweet little couple of kids who did everything together. I know he didn’t have the best of time at home and he would occasionally seek a place to stay if his mum and dad were kicking off, which seemed to be more and more often as he grew up… or perhaps more to the point… as his parents grew apart. Anyway, Liz my wife would pick up on the little guy’s distress and phone his parents to ask if he could stay the night and play with Thomas. They never refused. Over the years he’s nearly become one of the family, although now he lives at home with just his mother and things seem a little more settled. He still looks as cute as button and whereas my son has filled out and grown up, Ricky seems to still be a fun-loving big kid. He and Thomas still hang out together but as one is working (my son) and the other is still in college, they don’t see as much of each other as they used to.

A couple of weeks ago, when the college was on yet another break, the little bugger came to visit when Thomas was still at work, Liz was also out and I’d been doing some odd jobs around the house. It was a lovely hot summer’s day and I was in my denim cut-offs and blue T-shirt and sweating like a pig as I hammered and sawed trying to get things finished before everyone else was home. Apparently, he knew I was home alone and, as he had nothing better to do, popped round to chat and see if he could help. I was pleased to see him but laughed as most of the hard work had already been done by the time he arrived and it was just a matter of finishing up. He went to the fridge and brought out two cold beers, one for himself now he was old enough to drink and one for me which he said, while passing it to me, I deserved as things in the garden were looking pretty good. He was full of compliments and despite me being old enough to be his dad, in fact I was a year older than his dad, he flirted with me like a little street whore. I’d never seen him like this but it seemed he was enjoying the joke of making me feel embarrassed by his constant flattering and occasionally cheeky remarks, all delivered with a smile and a wink. I thought I’d teach him a lesson and grabbed him, pulled him over my knee and threatened to spank his little arse if he carried on. I was surprised when he pleaded with me to “do it” and my playful taps got harder and harder as he screamed out in mock pain but I could feel his cock growing as it pressed into my thigh. I realise I should have known better but in truth, I was enjoying the experience of having his wriggling little body in my control. He was really into it, so, I pulled down his shorts, his little white briefs were stretched invitingly across his cute little rump and I thought how fucking horny the lad had become. I don’t know why but I continued to spank the lad even harder and he just squealed, moaned and encouraged me more. He wriggled out of his underwear and left me to spank his glowing bum, which appeared to dance and bounce with each hard slap. With one final swat he moaned and I realised, despite his hot little ass being red raw, he’d cum. He pulled up his pants and posed by the kitchen door looking like he’d just had the best time ever… and I was responsible for it. He told me that for many years he’d dreamed of me doing that to him, taking him in hand and disciplining him for being naughty. Before he pulled up his shorts he showed me just how much he’d enjoyed it by displaying his stiff and dripping dick. Hell, I’d known the lad for ages but had no idea the boy had got so big… and it looked even more impressive on such a small frame. Anyway, now he comes round when no one else is home… and I love his visits. I love spanking his bum and at times wish I’d been more of a disciplinarian with Thomas when he was getting into his defiant and often obnoxious teens. Liz would have none of it. She thought any form of physical punishment meant we had failed as parents so was adamant her child would not get a beating no matter what he did. Young Ricky has released something in me at the same time I have released a need in him. The problem is, I’m hooked on the lad and want to take it further but I’m not sure how all this will end. However, I certainly hope, for both our sakes, it isn’t soon.