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Soap comes to Pleasure Beach Blackpool

soap 01It opened in Berlin for an amazing two year run, received fantastic praise when shown in London and proved one of the biggest hits at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Now Soap fresh from The Sydney Opera House is coming to the North West for a 10 day run as part of the Blackpool Showzam Festival in February, where it will be performed at The Globe Theatre, Pleasure Beach Blackpool.

We can never complain about muscular hunks in their wet skivvies and shorts performing for our pleasure but I’m getting a bit ahead of myself – the show centres around seven bath tubs from which performers emerge dripping in water. Dancers, silk aerialists, contortionists, trapeze artists and even live singers all perform both in and around steaming roll top bathtubs in sequences which will change bath time forever!

The production boasts a global cast with each performer drenched in talent having performed in previous productions such as Britney Spears Circus Tour and several Cirque Du Soleil shows. SOAP slips into Blackpool as part of its world tour, having entertained audiences of half a million.

Soap opens on 17th February – 27th February.

Tickets and info are available from or by calling 0871 222 9090.