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BLOG FOR FUN By Alex Wiggan


When the working day is done, gays just wanna have fun.  Well, at least that’s how the song should have gone, right?  Most guys manage to get through the daily grind because they have far more exciting things going on in their free time than they do during the number crunching hours of 9 – 5.  A job may bring home the bacon, but it doesn’t quite match up to the excitement found watching twenty odd sweaty men chasing a ball around a field, or the pleasure one can truly find from waggling a joystick.  Whether it’s a serious hobby, a great way to meet guys, or passing phase, a fella has a lot to fill his free time with and many enjoy it so much they blog about it.  Their blog is an extension of their initial interest and for Bryan Ochalla, the creator of the blog The Gay Gamer it’s the perfect place to give gay games fanatics a heads up on what’s currently going on in the hugely popular world of gaming.  If you hadn’t guessed Bryan is gay and in his own words he says, “I’m here, I’m queer and I’m a gamer, dammit!”  Bryan is also happily married and is very passionate about the gaming industry, which to be honest with names like Final Fantasy, Pokémon and Mega Man you’d be forgiven for presuming it was a completely different industry entirely.  The important thing however is that Bryan sets out from the start that he is perfectly comfortable with who he is and then gets down to the business of blogging about what takes up his spare time.

The same can be said for The Sports Fag, who if you still haven’t twigged on this one, is a gay guy who likes sport.  This guy has his own blog where he talks sport, but he’s also part of the wider blogging network of which has chat rooms, forums and a blogging community.  It’s not the type of blog designed for those who just want to drool over pictures of their sporting heroes, but it is a place to go for sporting fans that happen to be gay.  Not every gay guy feels comfortable whilst out on the pitch, but that doesn’t mean they don’t find the world of sport interesting and so it’s good to know they’re not on their own.  This is the beauty of blogging about hobbies and interests, because it’s not just about a blogger saying they’re gay and so they must approach their interests in a ‘gay way’, it’s about them saying they approach the subject in the same way as everyone else, and their sexuality shouldn’t affect that too much.

However there are other guys who are perhaps less than excited by the idea of sport and possibly would prefer to look at more homoerotic or ‘artsy’ shots of blokes, who have chiselled jaws and like sitting on a stool with their arses out.  If this sounds like a much better past time, then it could be because you’re the type of person who is familiar with the best way with which to point and shoot.  Homotography is a blog about the fun of photography, if the fun of photography involves homosexual tendencies.  So those preferring nothing more than to extend their tripod, to capture fancy photos of models with a strip of gaffer tape across their nuts, will find much to inspire them on this blog.  Packed with lots of pictures it should give the odd amateur photographer an idea on what’s already been done and it also features some fit blokes as well; if staring at good looking men is your hobby.  So it doesn’t matter what you get up to in your spare time, it seems that there are others who get up to it too and this should at least make you feel better when you’re thinking up the best way to escape from your place of work.


ON THE BLOG: 5 to pass the time away

*Was there a reason why Mario went out of his way to save the Princess, yet always remained single?  Perhaps the Gay Gamer knows.

*When you get a spare minute, do you devote your life to Burberry and Gucci?  Do you dream of male corsets, manbags and catwalks whisking you away to a better life?  Well if you do and fashion is your thing, then there’s a blog out there that feels the same.

*If the fashion runway isn’t you thing, and you’d much rather get your hands dirty messing with some nuts and bolts in the world of NASCAR, then you aren’t alone.  For gay guys who like to live in the fast lane, it’s time to suit up, wiggle your gear stick and go at it full throttle.

*Have the songs from Glee taken over your life?  Well they seem to have taken over someone else’s as well, because there’s now a blog dedicated to listing all the songs that so far have featured on the show.

*Following gorgeous/sexy/hunk-a-licious (please delete as applicable) actor Channing Tatum is an official hobby, right?  Well if it isn’t then it damn well should be!