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Johan Volny 7

Many people think that my job is just about sex – and sex alone. And I agree, sex dominates my life and my job. But it’s not the only thing I get up to. Sport also takes up a great deal of my time. One thing’s for sure, though – without sex, sport and my constant quest for the next adrenaline rush I don’t think I could survive.

People constantly ask what I do in my free time? But there’s only ever one answer – sports! That said, I don’t actually go to the gym that often – maybe twice a week at the most. Rather I concentrate on kick-boxing and cross-country biking, the latter of which I love most of all. I try to go on my bike every day if I can, riding through the woods and hills near to my home. For me it’s the perfect combination: speed, extreme physical training and nature.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to stop my professional kick-boxing, despite the fact that I was really good and took part in international competitions. Now I only do regular trainings – simply because I often used to arrive at porn shoots with bruises or black eyes. Not surprisingly, the studio management told me that I wasn’t allowed to continue the sport, so now I just go to my club to take part in light training. Competitions are definitely over as far as I’m concerned – which is something I’m very sorry about. That said – porn is unquestionably the better job. After all, I like sex much more than boxing!

Whilst I always like my sports to be full-on and energetic, the action I enjoy in bed can be completely different. Nevertheless, I always insist on strict differences in my love life. The fast, one-night-stand and the alternative sex I enjoy with my boyfriend… are nothing alike

With the guys with whom I have fast and horny sex it all has to be much harder and much more intense – a fast or frantic shag without any foreplay. Just pure, unadultered SEX. It’s not love – it’s just a release of sexual pressure and horny feelings. Maybe, even raw animal instincts and that’s the way sex has to be for me sometimes. It could be a horny storyline from one of my porn movies … you meet a guy, exchange a nod and then engage in wild, hard shagging. Cum-shot over, and it’s time to put your jeans on and leave. That’s it! And sometimes that’s all you need.

With my boyfriend, however, it’s completely different. With him it’s all about a pairing sex and love with confidence and tenderness, which is why it all takes much longer and is much more romantic. Kissing and touching are much more important because I want to physically feel my boyfriend. We begin by smooching together, then share a massage; before sucking and… more. Now here’s a bit of news, my boyfriend is one of the very few people for whom I’m willing to bottom.

As you all know, I’m a top 99% of the time, and only in a very few movies will you ever see me as a bottom – scenes that I did very reluctantly I have to admit. With friends and one-night-stands I’m always the top – without exception! But when it comes to my boyfriend everything changes, since we take turns to top and bottom and to change positions time and time again. The reason for this is not that he has a small cock – the complete opposite is the case! No, it’s all down to the chemistry between us being so intense.

As you read this I may still be at the  Munich Oktoberfest. Hurrah! Three whole days partying in the big tents with lots of delicious beer to enjoy. Gees, I love beer so much – for us Czechs it’s almost like milk. We grow up with it. Little wonder that Oktoberfest is a definite “must” in my schedule.

But hey, what would the Oktoberfest be without the short leather trousers. Those Bavarian guys look so sexy in their Lederhosen. This time I’m also invited to some gay parties on the “Wiesn”. A tent full of thousands of drunken gay guys – wow! Now one thing’s for sure – there’s gonna be fun, fun, fun!


Kiss Johan

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