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Ten political excuses


  1. I didn’t know he was a rent boy… he said he was a physical therapist.
  2. I was under a great deal of pressure. I had expense forms to fill in.
  3. £750 seemed reasonable for an hours private consultation with Master Spank
  4. I have not broken any Parliamentary rules.
  5. If he’d lied about what he did… I wouldn’t be in the shit now.
  6. I didn’t know he was an undercover journalist
  7. I’m a man who lives his life by the teachings of the Bible, so you can believe me when I say, I did not have sexual relations with that man.
  8. Depends what you mean by ‘sexual relations’.
  9. In my defence… dressed as a bunny… he was asking for it.
  10. My gaydar profile is supposed to be private.